All foreign imports of large-scale press, 5000 tons of gravity, is the fundamental guarantee for high quality product.

Strong pressure energy can make tile brick with high density, high hardness and fine, with advanced equipment, can produce high quality product,product of the physical properties are substantially beyond the domestic and international standards, and we have modern equipment is inseparable.

A total length of 120 meters of modern dry firing line, can make the ceramic products have completely adequate temperature and sintering time, easily grasp the product the best burning heat, ensure that the high-end industry production standards.

The modernization of the production of transportation equipment, fully automated operation, high speed to maintain the entire production line operations, the Tiantoo with high production efficiency, but also can keep the perfectness each link connecting technology, high standards of modern production mode to complete each one ceramic products production.

Many types of ceramic tile polishing system, suitable for all types of products in the polishing process, by Tiantoo technicians process control, Tiantoo products have a unique exquisite texture, rich luster.

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