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Polish Pocelain TIle

Polish porcelain tiles blend exquisite craftsmanship with contemporary style, elevating any space with their sophisticated charm. Durable and elegant, they offer a timeless solution for those seeking both beauty and quality in home decor.

Wood Grain Tile

Wood grain tiles masterfully mimic the natural beauty and texture of real wood, combining the aesthetic appeal of hardwood with the durability and ease of maintenance of ceramic or porcelain. ​

Marble Tile

Marble tiles exude luxury, transforming spaces with their classic elegance and unique veining patterns. Ideal for creating a sophisticated and timeless atmosphere, they are the epitome of high-end decor, offering both beauty and lasting durability.

Rustic Tile

Rustic tiles bring the essence of natural, earthy charm to any setting, blending rugged textures and warm, inviting tones. Perfect for creating a cozy, lived-in look, these tiles are ideal for those who appreciate a more organic, unrefined aesthetic in their decor.

Glazed Tile

Glazed tiles, known for their glossy finish and vibrant colors, offer both aesthetic appeal and enhanced durability. Their protective layer not only adds a lustrous sheen but also makes them resistant to stains and moisture, ideal for both decorative and practical applications in various settings.

Culture Stone Tile

Culture stone tiles, embodying the raw beauty of natural stone, add a touch of rustic elegance to any space. These tiles, celebrated for their diverse textures and earthy tones, bring a sense of timelessness and natural charm, perfect for creating striking feature walls or adding character to any interior or exterior design.


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Video introduction

Ceramic tiles are versatile and durable flooring or wall covering materials made from a mixture of clay, minerals, and other additives. They are crafted through a meticulous manufacturing process that involves shaping the clay mixture into various sizes, drying, glazing, and firing in kilns at high temperatures. To create beautiful ceramic tiles, it all starts with the finest raw materials. Various types of clay, carefully selected for their properties, form the foundation of these exquisite tiles.

🏭Company Introduction

Rensino ceramic tile is one of the largest factories exporting ceramic tiles in China.

Rensino Ceramic Tile Co., Ltd, established in March 2006 as part of Rensino Group Co., Ltd, is committed to producing high-quality, environmentally friendly ceramic tiles. With a guiding philosophy of “Assiduousness, Profession, Integrity, and Credibleness,” the company specializes in polished porcelain tiles, rustic tiles, and various floor tiles. Over ten years, Rensino has grown significantly, operating a large factory with an annual output of 20 million SQM. The company’s globally recognized products are certified by ISO14001, ISO9001, CCC, CE, and hold an Environment Management Certification, catering to markets across Europe, the Americas, Australia, the Middle East, and South Africa.

Rensino Ceramic Tile Co., Ltd emphasizes both durability and aesthetic appeal in its products, catering to various needs from large public buildings to private homes. The company ensures that their tiles, celebrated for their strength and beauty, remain relevant and appealing over time. This commitment to quality and customer satisfaction reflects Rensino’s dedication to creating tiles that are not only functional but also artistically inspiring, ensuring every customer’s investment is timeless and valuable.

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Ceramic Park ,Qingyuan Town, Qingcheng District,QingYuan City,Guangdong, China(Mainland)

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